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We adapted the Google Android mail App for Gigatrust to integrate support for Microsoft Rights Management. Gigatrust's earlier client was based on the 4.x Android API, but Android had since progressed to API 6.x (with 7.x rapidly approaching).

Les Potter tackled the renovation project by first setting up an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository and build environment, then cataloging and separating out the standard Mail App features into a standalone project that compiles with Android Studio and Gradle.

API 6.x differences were significant enough to invalidate several of the approaches used for 4.x, so reintegration of features was necessary. And to make API 7.x and 8.x adoption easier, Les documented the steps necessary for pulling out a standalone Mail development environment from the AOSP repo.

Les Potter holds the "Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)" from EC-Council, and with that experience and knowledge, provide the expertise to work through the intricacies of authentication and authorization of a mobile mail client as it integrates with a Rights Management infrastructure.

Les brought his knowledge of IMAP, Active-sync, SMTP, along with Linux, Windows, and Mobile development to the project to creatively integrate Microsoft's Rights Management API for Android. He quickly learned the Mail App source code for both API 4.x and 6.x (very different animals) and design and implemented the source code port, retaining or updating features.